A round walk of the site (of approximately 5.5 miles) starts at the Hinton Arms public house car park. Turn right out of the car-park and follow the grass verge along the A272.

At Hinton Hill, turn left over the A272 and follow the track to the crossroads. Turn left along the footpath to the next track. Turn left past Cheriton Wood until you reach the road, then turn right and follow round to the “T” junction. This is the site of a memorial commemorating the troops of both sides who lost their lives.

Re-trace your steps back along the road. On passing the farm turn left down the track. At the crossroad of tracks turn right along the ridge. You are now walking along the rear of the Royalist lines.

Continue along the track bearing left. At the next crossroads turn right along the ridge to the road then turn left and return to the Hinton Arms.

Battlefield information signs have been funded and erected to aid walkers understand the significance of the ground they are on.