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Life and War in 1644

An opportunity to visit a Living History site to experience life and fighting in the Battle of Cheriton.

Organised by the Battle of Cheriton and the Sealed Knot you will be able to appreciate life and war 300 years ago.

We aim to give an authentic re-enactment experience - from pike drills and a mini-skirmish to a realistic view of life from childrens' and
adults' perspectives with humourous and educational stories to illustrate life as it was at the time of the battle.

In the past we have had armourers, apothecaries, priests, school teachers as well as sword drills.

We organise schools visits and next year they will be held between 16 and 20 June.

We are hoping that as many schools as possible will be able to join us in this project which is a vital link to our history. We work with the Sealed Knot and Living History to give as an authentic experience as possible.

The price per child is £6.00 - an area forchildren to eat a packed lunch is available.

If you would like further details about the camp and to book places, please contact us at


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